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Wolf & Grizzly Fire Set Firesteel Firelighter

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The Wolf & Grizzly Fire Set’s firesteel striker generates 5400°F sparks to get your fire going with ease. We engineered it to last 20,000 strikes, making Fire Set more sustainable than matches or lighters. The stackable design nests the striker and ferrocerium rod for safety and portability.

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The ferrocerrium rod’s large surface area makes striking easy. A larger surface area means a bigger strike-zone, allowing you to create strong sparks every time. Because the striker is made of knife steel, you can sharpen it like you would any knife or multi-tool blade. A sharp striker means cleaner sparks and a longer lasting ferro rod.

Wolf & Grizzly embedded emergency jute within Fire Set’s custom 550 type III paracord. Jute is a plant fiber that is dried and woven into a cord, making a perfect substitute for tinder in an emergency situation. In an emergency, just cut the paracord, remove the jute, and use it to catch your sparks for an instant fire.

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