About us

Wilderness 1-2-1 was founded in January 2000 by Rob and Mel - to promote the outdoors through learning by providing courses in Field Archery, Bushcraft, Survival, Nature Awareness, Outdoor / Expedition Medicine and Tracking, as well as supplying quality outdoor products.  

Over the years Wilderness 1-2-1 has continued to grow and develop, but has not lost it’s core values.

We carry an ever growing collection of high quality outdoor goods to look after all of your outdoor needs.  These range from Petromax and Feuerhand outdoor cooking and lighting, through the excellent fire lighting gear from EXOTAC and Go Prepared Survival to Storacell battery caddies and Tuff Writer pens.  We select our products based on years of outdoor experience - we wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't use ourselves.

Our team

Wilderness 1-2-1 team is made up of Rob, Mel, Anna and Nick - with gratefully received support from a wide range of specialists who we have met along the way.