About us

Wilderness 1-2-1 was founded in January 2000 by Rob and Mel - to promote the outdoors through learning by providing courses in Field Archery, Bushcraft, Survival, Nature Awareness, Outoor / Expedition Medicine and Tracking, as well as supplying quality outdoor products.  

Over the years Wilderness 1-2-1 has continued to grow and develop, but has not lost it’s core values.

After nearly 10 years, we took the decision to completely re-publish our online shop - and here are the results.

For more information about Wilderness 1-2-1, please visit www.wilderness121.co.uk. 

Our team

Wilderness 1-2-1 team is made up of Rob, Mel and Adrian - with gratefully recieved support from a wide range of specialists who we have met along the way.