• Fire

    Fire is an essential wilderness tool. We stock Lighters, Firesteels, Fire Pistons, Match Safes, Tinder and Candles.

  • Survival

    Survival, the tools required to survive under adverse or unusual circumstances for periods of 72 hours or beyond. 

  • Shelter

    People need shelter to survive. Survival shelters protect you or your casualties from the elements; is a must-have accessory for any wilderness adventure. 

  • Storacell Battery...

    The Storacell Battery Holder by Powerax. These Battery Caddies are winning favour with people that store or carry spare batteries. Whatever the hobby or trade there are times we need to carry around spare batteries. As batteries become more powerful the higher the risk from shorts and fire. The Storacell battery caddy holds you individual batteries securely in place. They protect the terminals from coming in contact with other batteries or metal items. The caddies allow the batteries to breath meaning it is less likely that the battery will leak. The caddies are strong as well and will survive the toughest of environment, including inside a tool box or camera bag. Powerpax Storacell's are Airplane Safe or Flight Safe and are perfect for travelling safely with your Lithium batteries without the associated Fire Risk.

  • Go Prepared Survival
  • To Clear
    The result of a lot of rummaging in the back of the store, we have a number of items to clear to make room for new stock.
  • Petromax Lanterns &...

    Petromax is one of the oldest and most widely known manufacturer of high-powered lanterns and outdoor cookware. They have been manufacturing Petromax lanterns since the early 1900's

  • Gearpods
    Gearpods modular adventure and survival gear.
  • FreeKey Keyring

    FreeKey Keyring - The press to open keyring.

  • Feuerhand Paraffin...

    The Feuerhand hurricane lanterns are made from zinc-plated material which protects them against corrosion. This is why Feuerhand hurricane lanterns have been able to continue a tradition that is more than one hundred years old. Today the Feuerhand hurricane lanterns are available with a zinc-plated finish. They are also available in several different powder coated colours.

  • Exotac Fire Lighting

    Exotac’s vision is based upon designing extraordinary, high-quality and unique outdoor and urban gear. Exotac spare no expense and make absolutely no compromises when it comes to product design and manufacturing quality. Exotac products are not mass-manufactured by the lowest bidder and are all made in the USA

  • Alpine Hearing Protection
  • Travel

    Travel is an integral part of self-discovery, it builds confidence and self-reliance. We stock items that will meet your every challenge, whether at home or abroad.

  • Ribz Front Packs
    Ribz Front Packs, from Ribzwear. Ribz front Packs give you access to the gear that you need, when you need it. Ribz front packs can be worn with or without another rucksack and come in a range of colours and sizes. We are pleased to present the new 2014 model Ribz Front Packs to europe.
  • Purificup Water...
    Purificup Water Purification system is an excellent solution for having clean drinking water. Purificup Water Filters come in two sorts. One for natural water allowing you to collect and purify water from stream, rivers and lakes. The second allows you to purify tap water. In many countries around the world tap water is only filtered and not purified. The Purificup Tap Water allows you to make sure water from taps and bottle whilst on holiday is safe to drink.
  • Gooper Hermetic...
    Gooper Hermetic Dry Bags - Automatic Snap Shut Self Seal Magnetic Dry Bags. Ideal for phones, cameras and tablets - including ipad and iphone.
  • Zootility PocketMonkey

    Zootility Tools PocketMonkey. A pocket tool that is actually convenient. It has 12 awesome functions. And it is even TSA-compliant.

  • Therm-A-Rest
    Therm-a-rest Luxurylite Cot the lightest most comfortable Camp Bed out there.
  • Forest Schools
    Items which are ideal for Forest School activities. When teaching Children you must have confidence in the equipment you want them to use. Not too small or fiddly, easy to demonstration and easy to use.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Kit
    A selection of items which are ideal for those taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Suitable for teachers of students.
  • Emergency

    Emergencies are those temporary inconveniences that interrupt our day, prepare for them in advance with our selection of products. 

  • Paraffin lamps,...
    Light up your camp, with our range of Paraffin lamp, Candles and Lights. As humans we have a fear of the dark and a need to fill the dark with light. Whether using Paraffin lamp, Candles and Lights.
  • Cutting Tools

    Cutting tools built the man-made world around us. They have a place in every aspect of our lives whether they are knives or axes. We also need to keep them sharp.

  • Cooking

    Food is essential for life; here you will find our range of food preparation, cooking and eating utensils for home, garden and wilderness. 

  • Tuff Writer Pens
    Tuff Writer - The worlds toughest pens.
  • Clothing
  • Wazoo Survival Gear

    Wazoo Survival Gear - US based company bringing you wearable survival and edc gear.  Cache Caps and Belts, Viking Whetstone Sharpeners, Fire Starters and a range of other EDC survival and travel gear,

  • Sleeping

    Equipment to help you sleep or rest comfortably in the great outdoors.  From sleeping bags to hammock quilts

  • Water
  • The Recycled Firefighter

    EDC Wallets and other items from the Recycled Firefighter.  Made in the USA

  • Rogan

    ROGAN - prybars, tools and other items, made in the USA

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