Petromax Lanterns & Cookware

Petromax is one of the oldest and most widely known manufacturer of high-powered lanterns and outdoor cookware. They have been manufacturing Petromax lanterns since the early 1900's


  • Petromax Lighting

    Petromax lanterns and lamps including accessories. Petromax lanterns are perfect as garden lighting and lighting your campsite or fishing peg.

  • Petromax Cookware

    Petromax cookware range includes wood or charcoal burning stoves, such as the Petromax Atago, Firebox and Hobo Stove. Petromax Cooking Tripod, Petromax Dutch Ovens, bread oven, fire griddle, fire bowl and frying pans. And lets not forget the Petromax Tea/Coffee Percolator or the Petromax Fire Kettle for that perfect Brew.  New products include the Rocket Stove.  

  • Petromax Fire

    Petromax Fire Range

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