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Wold & Grizzly are based in Canada and make innovative, high quality solutions to cooking and fire for people on the move. The M1 Grill, Fire Set and Fire Safe - soon to be followed by the Cook Set (Feb 2021)
Wolf and Grizzly didn’t start with a product, or even with a product idea. It started with a frustration of mine that wasn’t specific to one object: everything I owned could be grouped into one of two categories: things that looked great, but were weak— belonging in "the city”— and gear that was functional, clunky and difficult to use, fit for the outdoors. Those outdoor goods were stowed away in my basement, reserved for trips and organized adventures. Since they couldn't be used on a day-to-day basis, what would be the point in keeping them anywhere else? But I was convinced that this dichotomy was senseless. And, I held a firm belief that if outdoor tools could be usable, durable and well designed, they would help us to adventure on a whim— without all the planning, searching and packing. These tools would enable people to experience and live an outdoor lifestyle all year round— from backyard to backcountry. Inspired by this, I left my career as an engineer to found Wolf and Grizzly. The name "Wolf and Grizzly" is meant to represent the unity of city and wilderness. Wolves, typically pack animals, represent the city. Grizzlies, normally living alone, represent the wilderness. Wolf and Grizzly creates tools to unite the yin and yang of adventure through robust and beautiful design. It became my outlet to create a set of goods that were built to cater to the needs of adventurers in every context. They launched our first product, Grill M1 Edition, on Kickstarter in the summer of 2017. At over 220% funded, the product was met with rave reviews and it was awarded the RANGE Radical by Design award as well as an Outdoor Retailer Product of the Year by The Manual, meanwhile being featured everywhere from Toque and Canoe to Digital Trends to GQ. More importantly, though, we've received insane amounts of customer emails describing their deep appreciation of the product design, its durable nature and the incredible level of customer care that's evidenced by all the interactions we carry out. Grill M1 is the first of many, many products that we plan to release as we continue on our journey to help users adventure wherever they are, and no matter their abilities.

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