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PSK-1 Survival Kit
  • PSK-1 Survival Kit
  • PSK-1 Survival Kit

PSK-1 Survival Kit


The PSK-1 is an American made survival kit that contains high quailty items. The PSK-1 will provide you with the essentials needed to keep warm, make fire, purifiy water, catch food, navigate and signal for rescue.

Featuring our New GPS® Speedhook™ fishing trap/snare with bait and our New Pyro-Max™ Fire Plugs All-Weather Tinder!  (Twist - Fluff - Ignite)

No longer do you need to risk your life with cheap mass produced survival kits made overseas.

Ideal for bug-out bags, glove boxes, hunting or camping trips.

Lightweight - Waterproof - Compact - Floats  

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4" X 6" (4 mil Thickness) Waterproof Metalized Zip-Lok Packet (Heat Sealed, Air Tight) 

Shelter Kit

Mylar Blanket/Tarp

(4) Heavy Duty 8" Zip-Ties

25' Atwood Micro Cord (100 pound test) - Made in the USA!  

Fire Making 

(6) Go Prepared Survival® Pyro-Max™ Fire Plugs Tinder   

Ferro Rod Firestarter 

Cutting Tools   

Derma-Safe Knife - Made in the USA!  

Food Gathering   

GPS® Speedhook™ Fishing Kit (#6 fishing hook, 6) stink bait, barrel snap swivel, 25' throwing line)  Rod Ready! - Made in the USA!  

Signaling and Navigation   

Button Compass 

Signal Mirror 


Water Bag with Pre-Filter  

(10) Oasis Water Purification Tablets (10 Liters) UK MOD/NATO Issue - Made in the UK  

Medical - Kit reduced to remove UK prohibited items

Butterfly Bandage (2)

1 x 3 Adhesive Bandages (4)

First Aid/Burn Cream

Antiseptic Wipes (2)  

Sting and Bite Pad

Weight: 6 oz / 227 g

Dimensions: 5" x 8"/ 127 mm x 203 mm  

Limited Warranty: One Year      


Assembled in USA of U.S. and Foreign Components


*Canteen not included


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