Petromax Dutch Oven Seasoning Conditioner fact sheet
  • Petromax Dutch Oven Seasoning Conditioner fact sheet
  • Petromax Dutch Oven Seasoning Conditioner for sealing your Petromax Cast or Wrought Iron cookware

Petromax Dutch Oven Seasoning Conditioner


Petromax cast-iron products are pre-seasoned at the time of manufacture. To maintain the nonstick properties of cast-iron products we highly recommend the Petromax Dutch Oven Conditioner and Seasoning paste.

Made from a blend of natural ingredients.

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The Petromax Dutch Oven conditioner, a blend of natural ingredients, is a great way to protect surfaces of Dutch ovens (in particular Petromax Dutch ovens) and other cast iron cookware products. With this care conditioner you can renew the seasoning of your Dutch oven as well as you can season new cast iron cookware for the first time. The conditioner is most effective, if it is applied after every cooking procedure. Applying the conditioner regularly maintains the pre-seasoned surface of Petromax Dutch Ovens, which provides a non-stick surface for cooking. The conditioner will also help you to re-season your Dutch oven in case of rust. Over time, the Dutch oven will benefit from seasoning and develops a refined coating. 

Size: 250 ml
Weight: 226 g

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