EXOTAC fireROD Firesteel
  • EXOTAC fireROD Firesteel

EXOTAC fireROD Firesteel


The fireROD Firesteel offers the same usability and ease-of-use as other Exotac fire starters but is designed to be carried in the firesteel loop of a knife sheath. The ferrocerium rods is replaceable and there fireROD handle is also an O-ring sealed waterproof capsule to carry a small quantity of tinder safe from the elements that mother nature may throw at you. 

Colour: Blaze Orange
Product available with different options

At last, EXOTAC bring us a firesteel for a knife sheath ferro loop.  The ferrocerium rod is replaceable so you won't need to discard this tool when the rod is worn out. The tool is simple in design and offers plenty of storage for tinder or water purification tablets.
The EXOTAC fireROD is available in GunMetal, Olive Drab, Blaze Orange and Black


fireROD Dimensions:
Diameter: 0.55" / 1.4cm

Length: 3.55" / 9cm

Weight: 1.09oz / 30.9g

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