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Petromax Muffin Mould


The Petromax Muffin Mould made of cast iron designed to fit Dutch Ovens ft6 and ft9. Use for making savoury or sweet treats.

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The surface of all Petromax cast iron products is pre-seasoned and therefore does not need burning in. Therefore, you can use your Muffin Mould immediately.

If you want to use the mould in the Dutch Oven ft9, we advise you to place the Trivet ftus or the Stack Grate in the pot before inserting the Muffin Mould, because cast iron should always be spaced slightly apart so that it is not damaged.

Technical Details:

Technical data
Total capacity: 0.78 litre
Volume per muffin: 0.13 litre
Material: cast iron
L x W x H : 27 x 27 x 4,5 cm
Weight: 3250 g

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