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WAZOO - Bandana | Tracking Bandana


The Wazoo Tracking Bandana featuring a range of accurately depicted US wildlife - designed by true experts. 

The bandana is 22" x 22", made from cotton in the USA. 

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Wazoo partnered with tracking experts to help guide us and choose the list of animals based on certain criteria that would allow you to have the most success with this bandana. We requested animals:

  • Found across the majority of North America
  • Most abundantly found in the wild
  • That may indicate water nearby
  • That are easy food sources
  • Most useful for side-by-side comparison

Accurate identification and interpretation of animal behaviour via track and sign is an outdoor skill that has been all but lost by the average person, even to the most experienced outdoors-folks. Learning even the basics of tracking will yield a more enriching awareness in nature as well as a practical tool when your life may depend on it. Animal tracking may aid you in finding a food source or avoid becoming one for a predator.

It should be acknowledged that this is not the first tracking bandana ever made, but hands (paws, hooves, or otherwise) down, it’s the most legitimate! It contains the most accurate tracks available, shown to scale, and includes default gaits for each animal.

Animal Tracks Illustrated on the Bandana:

Mountain Lion


Domestic Cat

Gray Fox

Red Fox


Domestic Dog

Striped Skunk

Virginia Opossum

Northern Raccoon

Nine-Banded Armadillo


Eastern Gray Squirrel


Deer Mouse

American Beaver

White-Tailed Deer

Feral Hog





We also included false eyespots. These are a form of mimicry adapted by various insects, birds, fish, and reptiles, as well as by some human cultures, such as those living near tigers in the Ganges Delta in India. They wear a mask on the back of their head based on the theory that certain predators prefer to attack from behind (unseen). The bandana can be folded so the “eyes” face outward and can be worn on the back of the head to serve the same purpose, or worn on the front while napping.


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