SURE Strip Military Tinder
  • SURE Strip Military Tinder
  • SURE Strip Military Tinder
  • SURE Strip Military Tinder

SURE Strip Military Tinder


A Complete Mil-Spec Firestarter Kit


SURE STRIPS are the most versatile tinder on the marker. Made from a highly durable propriety waxed cloth, there strips can be folded or easily cut. The special was has a melt point of over 125 degrees and will ensure your SURE STRIPS won't leak in your wallet, kit or pack.


This unique product allows for everyday carry of waterproof tinder, a heat source, lubrication for knives or zippers and even an emergency patch repair.

SURE STRIP Unique Features:

  • Lights with a spark
  • Waterproof/wind-resistant
  • 3-4 minute burn time per strip
  • EDC Carry - carry in your wallet
  • No oils, odours, dyes or mess
  • Extremely lightweight and durable.
  • Non-toxic
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Starts up to 90 fires when divided
  • Lubricates weapon parts and zippers
  • Use as a source of heat
  • Genuine Military Issue / PN 7188FH

SURE Strip Military Fire Starter Kit Contents:

  • x6 20cm x 5cm SURE STRIPS
  • Survival instructions
  • Specialised Cotton for challenging conditions
  • Spark-lite NSN 1680-01-233-0061

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