Tea Kettle by Petromax, TK1 & TK2

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A high-quality stainless steel tea kettle. All metal construction. A long spout, folding handle and well fitting lid.  

Use over a camp fire, an open fire or electric, gas or induction hob. Enjoy a brew anywhere, whatever your profession or preferred beverage. 

Petromax Tea Kettle
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The Tea Kettle is the perfect camping kettle. 

Whether used at home, or at you campsite these kettles will last a life time. 

Model: TK1

Model: TK2 

Capasity: 1.5 l  Capasity: 3.0 l 
Height: 15 cm Height: 18 cm
Bottom Diameter: 13.5 cm  Bottom Diameter: 17 cm 
Weight: 630 g Weight: 920 g
Material: Stainless Steel  Material: Stainless Steel  
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