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Outdoor Element - Fire Flute


Outdoor Element - Fire Flute

The custom aluminum body has a loud 120 dB whistle on one end, a water-tight tinder storage compartment in the middle, and a replaceable ferrocerium rod at the other end. In between the clip and the body is a hardened striker plate to throw large sparks to get your campfire or stove going. 

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About the size of a standard Sharpie marker, the Fire Flute can fit in your pocket, on your pack, or just about anywhere.

  • Lightweight: only 1.7 ounces (48 grams)
  • Loud: 120 dB emergency whistle
  • Durable: sturdy aluminium body with replaceable extra large 3/8" (9.5cm) premium ferro rod and integrated hardened striker plate to spark fire
  • Secure: water-tight storage holds a fire tab
  • Convenient: keep it handy with the attached pocket clip or add a micro-lanyard with the integrated lanyard hole
  • 3 long-lasting, slow-burning fire tabs included with the fire flute packaging.
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