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  • ROGAN EOD - made with pride in the USA
  • ROGAN EOD Survival EDC Tool
  • ROGAN EOD Survival EDC Tool
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  • ROGAN EOD Survival EDC Tool

ROGAN EOD Survival EDC Tool


The ROGAN EOD is a rough and tumble beater bar that was specifically designed for and with EOD techs. EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal. EOD Technicians have expertise in the most conventional and unconventional explosives to ensure the secure disposal of explosive weaponry. Rogan’s dedicated EOD tool has some upgrades that were added after consulting several Marine EOD Techs that provided us with feedback after using our tools on deployment. Rogan thrive on being innovative as well as being receptive to their customers feedback and producing a product to fit their needs. The EOD is Rogan’s most innovative, purpose built tool offered.  Now available from UK stocks for sales across the UK and Europe.  Custom engravings possible - contact us for details.

Colour: Olive Drab
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Due to the EODs popularly and usefulness for emergency kits, bug out bags and prepping, we have also use the EOD acronym for End Of Days. This is the perfect addition to your emergency kit!

Whether its a First Responder breaking glass and prying a door to rescue someone in a car accident, escaping a building that was hit by a natural disaster, opening containers, cutting C4 or for Military Operators breaking a window to get a sniping position, our EOD “Beater-Bar” can handle it all. The EOD is a personal and compact breaching/digging tool that’s easily carried in molle webbing on a plate carrier or backpack so operators can keep it well in reach. The EOD is an essential tool for SWAT, First Responders, Fire Fighters, Patrol Officers, Search and Rescue, Military Field Ops and of course... EOD Techs.

The Rogan EOD’s simple design allows all sides of the tool to be used. The Paracord handle provides plenty of grip and can easily be replaced. Simply rewrap the handle if it were to ever wear out.

100% Handmade in the USA

1/4" (63.5mm) thick, 1" (2.54cm) wide and ~9.25" (23.5cm) long.

Fits into molle webbing.

Made of carbon steel

Welded on handguard

Sheaths and slips sold separately


*The EOD is made from carbon steel and will rust over time and will eventually become darker as it forms a patina. Wiping the tool with an abrasive pad and applying a lubricate is optional maintenance that can be performed.


*Because each unit is handmade and meant for hard use, tiny blemishes/scratches are normal.


*Not designed for repeated steel hammer strikes.

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