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Petromax Campfire Skewers

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Whether roasting sausages, vegetables or toasting bread or marshmallows the adjustable length of the Campfire Skewers ls1 and ls2 ensure your safe from burns thanks to the extendable length. Made of stainless steel the campfire skewers are easy to clean. The handle of the skewers is made of high-quality beech wood. Shipped as two skewers of the same design.

Campfire Skewers
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The Campfire Skewers ls1 and ls2 differ from each other, the two prongs of the Campfire Skewer ls1 are bent upwards to help keep the food in place, whereas the Campfire Skewer ls2 has two prongs bent back on themselves which are suitable for grilling with children. Each Campfire Skewer has a hole on the handle to allow storage by hanging.


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