Powerpax Storacell PBC Original Battery Caddy Black
  • Powerpax Storacell PBC Original Battery Caddy Black

Powerpax Storacell PBC Original Battery Caddy


Powerpax Storacell PCB Battery Caddy are the perfect solution for storing spare batteries at home and on your travels (complies with flight regulations). Storacell PCB Battery Caddy will help to organise your batteries and they are tough, protecting them from damage and shorts. Storacell PCB Battery Caddy are available in six colours.


Colour: Black
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Powerpax Storacell PBC Original Battery Caddy

Holds 12 AA, 4 AAA, 2 D Cell and 1 9V battery

Storacell comply with the Safe Travel Regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation and meet the requirments of the CAA for carrying spare batteries on Flights. See the download section below to read how the rules may effect you. 

Available in a range of colours: black; orange; yellow; military green; clear and moonshine. Moonshine models glow in the dark.
  • Store your batteries in a compact, easy to find caddy.
  • Originally designed for pilots, but also great for camping, boating, travel or at home.
  • Ideal for photographers on the move.
  • Ideal for recycled batteries to transport them safely between charges.
  • Dispenses batteries with one hand for safety and convenience.
  • Terminal protection at both ends regardless of how the battery is inserted.
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