WAZOO - Mini Ceramic Folder
  • WAZOO - Mini Ceramic Folder
  • WAZOO - Mini Ceramic Folder
  • WAZOO - Mini Ceramic Folder

WAZOO - Mini Ceramic Folder


Wazoo made this mini ceramic folder knife from ceramic, brass, and plastic with a stainless steel keychain and a EPDM O-Ring so it is 100% corrosion free for use in any environment. While it can obviously serve as a great edition to an EDC keychain, because of its small size, it can also be stashed in just about any little clothing crevice; hat, money belt, or even boots

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             Closed Length: 1.7 inches

             Blade Length: 1.1 inches

             Open Overall Length: 2.8 inches

             Weight: 0.1 ounce

             Blade Material: Nonmagnetic Extremely Hard Zirconia Ceramic

             Edge: Chisel Grind

             Brass Eyelet

             Includes: EPDM O-Ring for secure closure (Made in the USA)

             Includes: #3 Stainless Steel Ball Chain (Made in the USA)

CUTTING: Remove the securing O-Ring, unfold the blade to cut through cardboard, leather, fabric, cord, or meat. The long slender blade gives a great usable length for precision slicing and will hold an edge better than steel (assuming you don't abuse it).

SCRAPER: This product was designed so that when folded closed the exposed pinch-point becomes the ultimate firesteel scraper. Wazoo pioneered the use of ceramic in this type of application and you'll never find a better material for the job. This makes the perfect replacement for any standard issue firesteel scraper. It shaves magnesium like a dream and rains down fiery terror onto your tinder bundle.

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