Large Loaf Pan
  • Large Loaf Pan
  • Large Loaf Pan
  • Large Loaf Pan
  • Large Loaf Pan
  • Large Loaf Pan

Large Loaf Pan


The Petromax K8 large cast-iron Loaf Pan has a capacity of 5.5 litres for cooking large loaves of bread, cakes and perfect for cooking casseroles.

The Loaf Pan has a large lid that can be used as a griddle for grilling meats or vegetables. Both the pan and lid have four feet.

As with all of Petromax cast iron products the Loaf Pan comes pre-seasoned for immediate use.  


You know and you love the outstanding qualities of cast iron? Then the big Petromax K8 loaf pan also has its place in your kitchen: moist cake, freshly baked bread, casserole, crusty roast meat and much more will now be prepared in this large pan. 

Cast iron for each occasion 
Made of cast iron, the loaf pan has excellent heat conduction and storage. Whether you use it on an open fire and place briquettes on the lid, or you prefer baking at home: The outstanding all-round warmth stands out both in the oven at home and when cooking outdoors. Thanks to its pre-treated surface (seasoned finish), you can use the loaf pan immediately. The Petromax K8 has twice the capacity of the Petromax Loaf Pan k4, so you can now easily provide meals for a large number of guests.

Baking and roasting is now easy 
The naturally non-stick effect of cast iron improves at each use and makes it particularly pleasant for you to bake in the loaf pan. The two handles ensure a practical use, so that you can easily take the pan out of the oven. You can also use the lid of your big loaf pan, with its four feet and practical ridges, as a steak and grill pan – when cooking outdoors, simply upturn the lid, put meat on it and start roasting. 

Technical data
Capacity: 5,5 litre(s)
Material: cast iron
L x W x H (in cm): 24 x 34 x 14,5
L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 25 x 35 x 12,5
Weight (in g): 9150