Petromax Chain Mail Pot Scourer Scrubber


One problem you get when cooking on hot coals with a dutch oven is you often get a residue of burnt food on the bottom of your dutch oven which can be dificult to remove. Which the Petromax Chain Mail Pot Scourer Scrubber makes dealing with this residue a breeze. 

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This high-quality, sturdy utensil made of stainless steel effortlessly cleans cast iron, wrought iron and stainless steel without damaging the valuable patina. Let the cookware cool down, run warm water onto it and gently scrub off the burnt residue. No dish detergent needed. Simply rinse the crockery after cleaning again and dry thoroughly before stowage - otherwise contact corrosion is possible (Caution!).

Material:         stainless steel
Size:               12,5 x 12,5 cm
Weight:           70 g

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