TiSurvival Titanium Fire Piston

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TiSurvival Fire Pistons. The beauty behind the fire piston concept is its absolute simplicity in design and ultimately with practice. TiSurvival Fire Pistons idea that is literally centuries old, the fire piston is a marvel of compression and combustion that creates fire without flint or matches. Once one gets used to the technique, the TiSurvival Fire Pistons becomes fun to use and is practical. 

TiSurvival Finish


TiSurvival Fire Pistons are beautifully turned out of solid Titanim bar stock by hand. 


Piston Body: 85 mm x 15 mm (3 mm thick walls)

Piston Rod: 97 mm x 8 mm (solid Titanium)

Weight: 128 g

Ti Survival