Light My Fire Army Firesteel
  • Light My Fire Army Firesteel

Army Firesteel


Light My Fire Army Model Firesteel. Last approx 12000 strikes.

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This is the larger Army model, which lasts approx 12000 strikes. 

The Firesteel is a well respected and reliable means of firelighting. Hard wearing and water resistant, it sends off a shower of sparks reaching 3000C. This will work when other methods may fail - no more soggy match problems. 

Suitable for lighting campfires, BBQ s, gas rings or ideal for use with a Kelly Kettle. It comes with it's own striker, or can be used on the back of a knife with good square shoulders.

This is the original version of the firesteel - with the improved striker.  Limited stocks - once they are gone they are gone.

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