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FA1 Fire Anchor fact sheet
  • FA1 Fire Anchor fact sheet
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Petromax Fire Anchor


The Fire Anchor, from Petromax, is a pot hanging spike that you push into the ground next to your fire. Hang your Dutch Oven, Kettle or other cookware from one of two arms. A third grilling arm is provided for your cooking convenience.


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The arms of the Fire Anchor are adjustable in height, allowing the user to raise and lower their cookware to the desired height above the fire. Load an arm with your cookware and rotate the arm over the fire for easy, safe cooking; when you need to attend to the food, or it has finished cooking, turn the arm away from the fire. You can hang your kitchen utensils on one of the arms for your convenience.

Technical data

Material of Fire Anchor: Steel, powder-coated

Material of grilling grate: steel, chrome-plated

Height: 103.5 cm

Length of arm: 66.5 cm

Grilling grate: 39 x 39 cm

Weight: 6.7 Kg