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Pro Charcoal Tray Pro - ft
  • Pro Charcoal Tray Pro - ft

Petromax Campmaid Pro Charcoal Tray Pro - ft


The Petromax Campmaid Pro Charcoal Tray Pro - ft

Charcoal wood holder & adjustable heat source.

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Multi-use Heat Source for charcoal and wood

Add wood chips for smoking food!

Flip the CampMaid Lid Lifter to use Dutch Oven lid as a skillet – use the charcoal holder for heating the skillet lid

Holds charcoal in place for even heat

Clamp on handle for adjustable cooking 

Use with other CampMaid tools or place it on the ground and put Dutch Oven directly on top of the coals

Anodized steel tray for durability & convenience

Great for starting charcoal with its air flow design

Petromax/Campmaid video

Why not buy the PRO-SET - including the Charcoal tray, Grill and Hold


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