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Petromax Trivet GR-S fact sheet
  • Petromax Trivet GR-S fact sheet
  • Petromax Trivet GR-S
  • Petromax Trivet GR-S

Petromax Stack Trivet Insert GR-S


The Stacking Trivet Insert fits inside a Dutch Oven to lift the ingredients to the optimum height above the base to cook the food evenly without burning.

The trivet stands 4.8 cm above the base and can be stacked for steaming fish or vegetables. Fits Petromax Dutch Ovens FT6, FT6-T, FT9, FT9-T, FT12 and FT12-T.


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Being made of cast iron, the trivet can be used directly in a fire. The trivet can also be used to protect surfaces from hot dishes.

Diameter 23 cm / 9 in
Hight 4,8 cm / 1.9 in
Weight 1,1 kg/ 2.4 lbs