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Petromax Zunder fire lighting granules
  • Petromax Zunder fire lighting granules
  • Petromax Zunder fire lighting granules

Petromax Zunder


A safe and easy way to start a fire anywhere whether at home or in the wild.

This 100% natural tinder is impervious to water and will burn at over 200° C. Each packet has a zip lock closure and contains enough tinder to light numerous fires.


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Even in case of rain or snow Petromax Zunder continues burning. However, extinguishing the fire with water is very easy and safe. 

The extremely light weighted packaging comes in the form of a resealable zipper. Even after several uses, the bag still protects the Zunder from rain or snow. One zipper bag contains 125ml of Petromax Zunder, which can be used to start several fires. 

An unwanted inflammation by sunlight of Petromax Zunder is almost impossible, because its flash point is over 200 °C (392°F). 

Content: 125 ml
Packaging: 8 in x 5 in x 1 in